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Simple and fun

We have a unique approach to the everyday life of a family with children.


With our children's fashion from KOOLS jeans&more, we want to make all moms, dads, in fact the whole family’s everyday life a little bit easier and much more colorful.


We want to make your shopping experience with our store of fashionable children's clothing easy and enjoyable for you. As parents, this is what we want too!


  • Easy, because you can shop with us around the clock. It’s most likely that you’ll find the time, and the peace and quiet, when the kids are asleep - the best time for shopping!


  • Easy, because each of our collections is designed with lots of different combinations. Start with some basics and then add as you go along.


  • Easy, because the materials that we use for our children's clothing are designed to withstand all of the challenges of a long day of playing.


  • Easy, because the details of our designs also make it possible for the smallest children’s hands to open and close buttons themselves or put their tights or socks on all by themselves. Suddenly, doing up fasteners becomes fun, and getting dressed in the morning is so much more relaxed.


  • Enjoyable, because we inspire boys and girls with bold designs that make a young fashion statement.


  • Enjoyable, because the kids will love our colorful and fancy designs and there will be no fights getting them into their clothes.


  • Enjoyable, because you can easily buy fabulous Scandinavian designed children’s fashion online, leaving the family more time to play games together.


  • Enjoyable, because you can buy beautiful children's fashion at low prices and not regret paying for expensive designer fashion, when the seams don’t survive one day at pre-school.


  • Enjoyable, because you can buy unique and extraordinary fashion for you and your little ones.
KOOLS Kids A/S   Østerbro 4   DK-5690 Tommerup   CVR-nr 35467726   Tlf. +45 6340 5230